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1-Know the importance of leaving it completely dry. Some women undergo capillary surgery, but they do not maintain this treatment in the best possible way. It is necessary that when dry it we make sure to leave the hair completely dry, thus avoiding to provoke the frizz from the inside. Having completely dry hair will allow us more control and beauty to face the rainy days.


2-Do not forget the special products, but do not overdo it. Some special products can help you keep control of your hair on rainy days, however, do not abuse them. Sometimes we have the belief that putting more quantity of the product will give us a better result, but this is not quite true, in fact, the effect could be the opposite.


3-Wait for the hair to cool. Do not leave immediately after drying your hair and apply the special products. The best thing is to wait at least five minutes, that way the hair will absorb the product and you will feel more confident when going out.


4-Know how moisture works. The humidity caused by rainy days can affect all types of hair, it does not matter if yours is very smooth. Hair when wet is at risk of breaking when brushed.


5-Use the weather in your favor. The rainy weather favors certain hairstyles and styles that can make you look perfect in different events, braids, pigtails and even laughs can be favorable hairstyles to take advantage of this type of weather. Remember that you do not necessarily have to keep your hair straight all year round, sometimes, changing the style according to the seasons comes in handy to renew the image.