H&B Extra Rich Shea Butter Cream

Dead Sea Cosmetics


Health & Beauty

Zone - Body
- Extra Rich Shea Butter -

Application: DAY - NIGHT
Skin Type: ALL
Protection: --
Size: 180 ml. / 220 ml.


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The perfect body treatment for the needs of adult skin. The cream moistens, nourishes, conditions, solidifies and leaves the skin smooth and vibrant. The cream is based upon a high concentration of shea butter, anti-oxidant vitamins C and E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, aloe vera, vitamin F and Dead Sea minerals. Thanks to its unique melting texture, it is perfect for an aromatic body massage. Suitable for pregnant women or in the process of weight loss, the cream improves skin elasticity and prevents drying and limpness.Recommended uses: for anyone who suffers from extremely dry skin, chronically or seasonally dry skin or as a revitalizing treatment after extended exposure to the sun. Shea Butter has natural latex, so be carefull those allergic people to latex. Please read instaructions.



Massage into body daily, especially in the areas around the elbows, thighs, cleavage and feet.


These products have followed the most stringent health checks and do not contain commonly allergic components. However please read the full composition on the packaging for added security since we can´t guarantee that you are allergic to certain ingredients specifically. These products doesn´t contain Pareben.

ImportantShea Butter has a very close composition to natural latex, not the same as the Rubber Tree but very similar, so be carefull those allergic people to latex. Please read instructions.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALERGICS TO NATURAL LATEX: Some of the products that we list in the web contains Shea Butter. The shea butter has a very similar quimical composition to Natural Latex from the rubber tree. It is not exact but very similar, so if you are alergic to natural latex or you think you could be, please refer to component list at the box of the product to see if it has karité or not. Consult with your doctor before aplying the product. Se more about this.



- Please refer to ingredient list inside the box or printed on product box ot container. Read carefully before apply products, specially on sensible skin zones.



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  • Spa: Yes
  • Antiaging: Si
  • Facial: Yes
  • Hands: Yes
  • Feet: Yes
  • Protection: No
  • Body: Yes
  • Hair: No