Mineralium Night Recharge Cream

Mineralium Night Recharge Cream

Dead Sea Cosmetics


Mineralium Dead Sea

Zone - Facial
- Night 
Cream -

Application:  NIGHT
Skin Type: ALL
Protection: --
Size: 50 ml.


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External aggression and hormonal changes are known to weaken skin at the structural level, leaving it dry and less elastic. “Mineralium” Night Recharge Cream effectively combats these processes due to its advanced formulae combining the Dead Sea Mineral Complex and the Prevent-Aging Complex. These active ingredients produce a dual function of enhancing natural recovery processes in the skin and moisturizing it. The skin is relaxed almost immediately. A single overnight routine with the Recharge Cream enables the skin to be revived so that your complexion will be younger, smoother, and remarkably soft in the morning. Used regularly, the cream acts powerfully against wrinkles due to its effect of stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin. Let your skin be nourished, moisturized, and energized by the power of nature - you certainly deserve it!



Colagen, ellastin.

- Please refer to ingredient list inside the box or printed on product box or container. Read carefully before apply products, specially on sensible skin zones.



Use daily before bedtime. Smooth over the cleansed face, neck, and any problematic areas (dry, wrinkled, having brown spots, etc).


Do not apply cosmetic products in eyes or genitals. Do not ingest them, so cosmetic products are not design for that purpose. In case of ingest, please go as soon as possible to the doctor. In case of application in eyes or genitals, please wash the zone right away with enough water and go as soon as possible to the doctor.



We work with several Dead Sea cosmetic brands from Israel. The product is shipped directly from Deadsea Sale Shops at Haifa. www.marybelleza.com do not import these products. These have NOT been proved in animals and do NOT contain PARABENS. They have been produced under the most restricted European regulations such as the International Standards of ISO 22716, ISO 31481 and ISO 9001and has GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice) and have been confirmed by the Health administration of Israel. Nowadays the laboratory is working in more and new products. We have very competitive prices and we can assure you a very good quality. Non competition prices for your satisfaction. Our products contain extracts and natural fruit and plant oils, and also salt, minerals and vitamins from the Dead Sea muds and water from this famous Sea.



These products have followed the most stringent health checks and do not contain commonly allergic components. However please read the full composition on the packaging for added security since we can´t guarantee that you are allergic to certain ingredients specifically. These products don´t contain Parabens.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALLERGICS TO NATURAL LATEX: Some of the products that we list in the web contains Shea Butter. The shea butter has a very similar chemical composition to Natural Latex from the Rubber Tree. So if you are allergic to natural latex or you think you could be allergic to it, please refer to component list at the box of the product to see if it has karité or not. Consult with your doctor before applying the product. Se more about this.



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  • Spa: No
  • Antiaging: Si
  • Facial: Yes
  • Hands: No
  • Feet: No
  • Protection: No
  • Body: No
  • Hair: No
  • Protection Level: -----